C&C was a collaboration between myself (plant addict) and my husband Eric (painter and potter). It was a beautiful thing, and helped me balance out my work in tech.


Eric passed away in January, which really stinks, and now I’m looking to carry on the project with the help of local potters. I’ll continue to collaborate and bring beauty to the home, and to give a new outlet to local artists. Succulents for sale, ferns for sale, and a few things in between!

I have been lucky enough to be nudged along by Ken Turner, our regions well-known ceramic artist and teacher at Digipen. Ken was a mentor and friend to Eric and has been instrumental in connecting me with local potters. The coolest thing I’ve found in this journey is that there are plenty of very talented folks who consider themselves amateurs because they have other day jobs, but who are cranking out really beautiful clay pots!

So if you want to find a hand-made pot and a beautiful plant, you are at the right place. We are a by-appointment only shop in the Seattle metro area, serving the plant habit of folks in Kirkland, Redmond and Woodinville, WA. Drop us a line and I'll give you the address to our Kirkland, WA greenhouse.  Have a glass of something while we talk plants and pots!

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