C&C grew out of my own personal need for pots that enhanced the beauty of plants I adore. I have come to realize that such a statement can be flipped around and be 100% accurate. I am fortunate enough to have the support of wonderful local ceramicists; without them, this effort would not exist.

Buy local and support Seattle artists!

The pots you see below are all handmade by artists, who in general, are pretty easy-going people who like making cool things, and like it even more when someone else likes the cool thing they made. I like the challenge of finding the right plant to enhance the beauty of the art. I use succulents, ferns and other easy to care for plants, but I do include the occasional advanced or rare plant as well. If you see anything below that you particularly like, please contact me! If it has been sold, I can always reach out to see if the artist can make more!